TOG-US Announcement: TOG-US & CQT Join forces to bring Corrections Tactical Operations a New Training Center

TOG-US has partnered up with leaders in the training, manufacturing and technology industries to bring the Corrections Field the best training and best training experience we can possibly bring. This has lead us to our current partnership with the guys at CQT out of Shelby TownShip, Michigan. TOG-US is now exclusively holding training at this state of the art site for the Corrections Tactical Operations Field.

This gives us two separate and different training sites to fully give the tactical operator in corrections the ability of fully honing in and growing their tactical skills. 

This is an unprecedented occasion where the Corrections Tactical Operator has 2 high speed/well developed training centers for them to sharpen in their skills. Don't miss out and come train with the best in the corrections field!!  

Take a look at our training calendar for more information on courses at our two facilities. Thank you and see you there.  


Train for Success!