In-Custody Tactical Hostage Rescue Training (ICTHRT)

Masters of all!! That’s what any tactical operator sets out to be when they are serious about their craft. As Correctional Tactical Operators, this should be no different for you! Being able to operate in every area,section, and yes even your responsibility.

Here you have Corrections Tactical Operators working on skills necessary to rescue an inmate or yes...even a fellow corrections office inside one the the largest transport vehicles most agencies have. Work hard, train often, prepare for Murphy and conquer all!! Keep an eye out for our 2019 training calendar on our website coming up soon!!


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TOG-US is now an official partner of Close Quarter Tactical (CQT). We are exited about this working Collaboration for many reasons. It will allow TOG-US to bring to the corrections field mote specialized tactical training venues and opportunities. There is no one course that we as a tactical training company can’t soon as the “Space Force” puts stockades in space...TOG-US will be there! Lol! 

This partneship along with all of our previous sponsors and partners gives us the unique capability to bring to any correctional jail, prison or institution the unique ability to provide training, equipment and any other basic or specialized solution to any of your issues or needs. We will be posting training availability at the Cusseta, GA facility by the end of this week with courses starting as soon as December 2018. Hope to see you all there!!!  

For more information contact us on our “Contact us” tab on this webpage.  



This is the Midwest Training Facility, located in Shelby Township, Michigan  

This is the Training Center located in Cusseta, Georgia. Cost includes onsite lodging for all of our training courses here.  

 Correctional Training Pod.....will be up and operational soon...state of the art!  

Correctional Training Pod.....will be up and operational soon...state of the art!  


We are very proud to announce that TOG-US will be partnering up with KRM Tactical and adopting their personal combatives into our Defensive Tactics program. We have found that their approach to personal defense system is unlike any other out there and brings a complete and well rounded approach to the corrections & law enforcement field.

This is especially attractive to us in the fact that they cover ground, stand up, defense with tactical gear and so much more. All relevant to the job we do. Please keep an eye out on our training calendar for our upcoming training events for Tactical Personal Defensive Tactics. 

yiu can get move information on what they are about here:


In-Custody Tactical Vehicle HRT





#tbt here you have a few students finishing up some exercises while conducting an In-Custody Tactical Vehicle HRT. As difficult as it can be to conduct such an operation on a 15 passenger van, add to that: low light, crappy intel, oh....and add to that the fact that there is a cage inside of the van. Yep, this is Corrections Tactical Operarions.

This In-Custody Tactical HRT/Vehicle Ops Course is a week long class and student must first go through our basic In-Custody Tactical HRT Course.

Don’t miss out, come and train with some of the best corrections tactical operations instructors around!!

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#lowlight #inmatetransportvehicle #tog_us all combination that takes professionals to passion on and god opens minded operators to be like sponges and soak everything up!  

# TBT : Throwback Thursday- way back and a little of the present.

 #tbt putting a little bit of background history here on this throwback Thursday. All the way from right before high school to present day, martial arts has always been part of my life and a way to de-stress.

Two guys who have been with me on my martial arts road on and off Halim Rodriguez  and Chris Cantu and one main mentor, Edwin Rodriguez. What an interesting ride brothers!!

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Danger in Corrections: Why the Corrections Tactical Operator NEEDS to evolve


This video shows how dangerous, volatile and explosive the world of a Corrections Officer can be. The new times that we currently live in  different times. Times where inmates having cell phone in their cells with the ability to record themselves and all the things that go on inside their cells and pods.

As you can see from this video, Pepper Spray, sting ball grenades had “0” effect on the determined inmates. They know, expect and prepare for our tactics...the majority of most corrections tactical operations teams still use 1970’s era tactics....if you don’t think they know your tactics and are ready, you’re fooling yourself. Corrections NEEDS to wake up and realize that the days of the “knuckle dragger..6’2, 300lbs, line backer with a shield” are over! Those tactics will only get the officers, Inmate hurt or worse, eventually opening up the department for legal liability issues putting thousands of not millions in the inmates bank account.

We need to change, grow and adapt just like they do. Check the video out, learn and adapt. Be safe, be smart, be vigilant, train hard!!


TOG-US Makes Small Cameo on Department Recruiting Video

I wanted to give the guys at Escambia County Corrections, Escambia County, Florida. A big shout out and thank you for all they do. This is their latest recruitment video, as you will also see, we make a small cameo on the video. We had the privilege of conducting some training for their CERT team and hopefully looking forward to doing so again in the near future.

Be safe guys and keep up the hard work, you’re all on the right path and thank you for doing us in the Correctional field proud.



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Escambia County Corrections doing great things, TOG-US is glad to help bring a helping hand to their mission needs.  

Happy Memorial Day

From all of us here at TOG-US, we want to thank all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us and who continue to put it on the line day in and day out!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday.


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 Thank you for your sacrifice!

Thank you for your sacrifice!

TOG-US: High Risk/Value/Profile Inmate Transports

This is a quick inside look at one of our Basic High Risk/Value/Profile Inmate Transports Courses. Transporting Inmates of such high caliber of liability, teams need to properly train and know all that goes into it. This is key for the safety of the public,

Our training Cadre is well versed and experienced in conducting and teaching such high liability courses. When it comes to training, you want to make sure the instructors have not just the intellectual knowledge but the field experience to complement course taught.  


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If quality training is what you’re looking for your CERT team, this should be your final stop.  

SOFIC 2018 Day 2

SOFIC 2018, having a great time catching up with friends and helping shape the direction of TOG-US and solidifying it’s future. Many great changes and additions coming down the pipeline for us and our ability to bring quality training and products to the corrections tactical operations community.Thank you to everyone who’s helped and believe on us!!

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Great things are coming!! 

Happy Mother’s Day

From all of us here at TOG-US, we wish all the mothers out there a very special Happy Mother’s Day!! Especially if you’re a mom and you’re currently 10-8....patrolling, conducting head counts and serving chow, serving our nation in the military and not forgetting all the ones in the medical field keeping many of us from falling apart.....thank you and be safe!!

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TOG-US at the 2018 Mock Prison Riot

Time is almost here ladies and gents. We hope to see you all at the 2018 Mock Prison Riots. We’ll be making our rounds all week but we’llbe hanging at our friend’s booth...Dozer Tactical. Stop by their booth and say hi, we look forward in meeting everyone. Hope to see everyone there!! 


Looking forward in meeting everyone there!!  

TOG-US Goes to the Mock Prison Riots!!

We are exited to announce that the TOG-US staff will be at the 2018 Mock Prison Riots. We’ll be there along with our friends from Dozer Tactical. 

We are looking forward in seeing everyone there. Stop by our booth check us out and say hi!!  


We are looking forward to seeing everyone there. 

Corrections Tactical Operations Mid-Level Training

High Risk/Value/Profile Inmate Transport and  Down Officer Rescue are two of our courses that requiere the Corrections Tactical Operator to have a “A-Game” mentality. Transporting such a high classification of inmates is not just “restrain them and throw them in the van and go”. If you’re to have the safety of the public, yours and the Inmate, it needs to be conducted right!! NO Shortcuts! 

For more info, jump over to our Training Calendar Page. 



One of our most sought out courses and one of the most critically needed out in our field. No substitution for real live/world experience. 




As always, when we host trainings at our training site...the training tuition includes onsite lodging.  

Corrections Basic Tactical Operations Training Course

If you’re in a Corrections Tactical Team and your team could use updated tactical training or you’re on a team and you’re just looking to enhance your skills...this is the course for you! 

This training course would be comparable to a Basic SWAT course, the only difference is that’s geared and tailored for the Corrections Tactical Operator. Jump over to our training calendar tab for more information on it!! 

 Real live experience in your field matters! 

Real live experience in your field matters! 

 Build a good solid foundation and everything else will fall into place!! This is the responsabilility of every good tactical operator no matter if he is SWAT, Special Forces or Corrections. 

Build a good solid foundation and everything else will fall into place!! This is the responsabilility of every good tactical operator no matter if he is SWAT, Special Forces or Corrections. 

Hostage Rescue in a Correctional Setting

A subject which was Taboo in Corrections (Hostage Rescue), now is a must for any Corrections Tactical Team. Our instructors here teach Operators on proper techniques to effectively rescue an officer.

With the ever changing times Corrections teams need to be versatile, adaptable, proactive and dependable. This means being master of all within the Corrections environment. When a worse case scenario happens ( an officer, staff, or inmate) is taken hostage and time is not on out side. When that happens, Corrections Tactical Team need to have the right training and training relevant to Corrections and it’s 

environment. This is something that we here at TOG-US are well aware of and try it bring the operators attending our courses the most realistic and relevant training possible.  

Working to bring professional training to the Corrections Tactical Operator and Corrections Tactical Operations

We here at TOG-US pride ourselves in having some of the best instructors in the field of Corrections Tactical Operations. Having the ability to bring the experiences of five field proven Operators and tactical leaders is an asset to every department that allow us to train their team elements. 

Over the years we've had the privilege of training and working alongside some great sheriff offices and team members. The fact that all departments keep coming to our courses is testimate to the quality of training TOG-US training cadre puts forth. 

When training in high liability issues such as an activation of your tactical emergency team is, having a well trained team and knowledged in the latest proven tactics is crucial to any department...this is something we all understand too well.  


Experience teams work on their fundamentals in clearing cells and pods under high risk situations. 


Basic and advanced skills are ironed out by ensuring basic tactical fundamentals are mastered. Corrections Tactical Operators here work on ensuring their fundamentals in both cell clearing and complete pod dominance are achieve.