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T.O.G.-U.S. tactics have been proven effective time and time again, ensuring the safety of both operators, public and Inmates alike. T.O.G.-U.S Corrections Tactical Operations (CTO's) concepts will ensure your team and facility will have the best chance to ensure the safety of your facility, it's staff and ensure the care,custody and control within your facility. . All battle proven by experience and sweat!!!  

When it comes to your tactics and the protection of your citizens,officers,operators, facility, department; do not let your tactics be the one factor that will put you in harms way. The need to stay ahead of the ones that may cause harm has not been greater. New and updated Corrections Tactical Operations training is here and available!! 

With this in mind, the cadre at T.O.G.-U.S. is second to NONE with superior tactics and concepts all tested and proven in the line of duty...demand nothing less.

Please contact us with any questions and for a team evaluations.

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