Tactics & Operations Group-US (T.O.G.-U.S.), strives to maintain the company's high standards, we work hard in demonstrating a higher level of dedication to excellence by means of adaptable tactics. These are some of the concepts that we cover...keep in mind that tactics are ever changing and evolving with time and with what's going on the operational theater.T.O.G.-U.S. also prides it's self with bringing agencies in contact with some of the most innovative and up to date tactical technology out there.  Please contact us for a more detailed description of all of our curriculums and tactical equipment available.

Information regarding tactical  equipment and technology are produced and available to agencies upon request and backed up by our partners in the industry.


T.O.G.-U.S. also provides Tactical Bundle Packages in up to three stages (TBP-S1, TBP-S2, TBP-S3). These are up to three training concepts with two locked and the third is available to the agency to choose which one they would like. Leaving the section completely up to the Team Leader. Contact us for more details. 

Some of the concepts that are offered by TOG-US are as follows:

   Large & Small Team Tactical dynamics

   Integrated Cell Extractions

   Incident Response to Terroristic Threats

   Conceptual Pod Dynamic Domination and Tactical Riot Control

   Tactical Building Clearing

   Tactical Active Shooter Concepts for Corrections (TASCC)

   Weapons of Mass Destruction Law Enforcement Protective Measures/Law Enforcement Response Actions – (this course comes with DHS accreditation) – tailored for the Corrections Tactical Operations Operator.

   Small Team Active Shooter Dynamic

   Advance Self Protective Combatives

   Active Shooter Concepts and Terrorist Threats in a Corrections Setting (this Course comes with FEMA accreditations).

   Tactical Movement

   Tactical Gas Mask Operation for Correction

   High Profile/Value Transports and Escorts

   VIP Protection and Scouting

   Convoy Operations and Planning

   Incident Command Panning and Management

   Facility Assessments and Team Development Concepts

   Asset Protection and CAT Operations

   Hostage Rescue Training for Corrections / In-Custody Tactical Hostage Rescue

  • Introduction to Less Lethal/Lethal Concepts and Implementation for Corrections/Detention, both in an ambulatory atmosphere as well as in confine scenarios.  

    • Plus many more, all courses are available in SPANISH, contact us for more details.


T.O.G.-U.S. offers all these courses... and more, at our Corrections Training Facility, located in Perry, Florida. Contact us for more details. Have your team train at one of the best facilities in the U.S. for Corrections Tactical Training and the first of it's kind anywhere. 
Prices include training, onsite lodging, less lethal training rounds for the duration of training. 



Exceptional Tactical Concepts

Innovative Tactics & Concepts

Real World Experience 

Training second to none

Proven Tactics

updated training  and facility for the 21st Century Corrections Tactical Operations Operator

Second Training Site: Complete Training Available for the Corrections Tactical Operations Operator

  Complete and unique training experience for the Corrections tactical operator

Complete and unique training experience for the Corrections tactical operator

TOG-US has partnered up with leaders in the training, manufacturing and technology industries to bring the Corrections Field the best training and best training experience we can possibly bring. This has lead us to our current partnership with the guys at CQT out of Shelby TownShip, Michigan. TOG-US is now exclusively holding training at this state of the art site for the Corrections Tactical Operations field. This gives us two training sites to fully give the tactical operator in corrections the ability to fully grow their tactical skills. 

Take a look at our training calendar for more information on courses at our two facilities. Thank you and see you there. 





Dedication to Excellence 

The Tactical Evolution of the Corrections Tactical Operator is here...are you ready for the challenges of the 21st century.