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OPEN TRAINING- Cusseta, GA:Tactical Riot Operations/Conceptual Dynamic Pod Dominations

  • Perry, FL United States (map)

T.O.G.-U.S. realizes that we are all hit by economic hardships, balancing and maintaining a

budget is critical. Training and maintaining high standards and training for “High Liability” issues is a MUST!!

Price for this (3) day course is: $580.45 Per attending operator.

We are currently offering a (3) day Tactical Riot Operations / Conceptual Dynamic Pod Domination Course

Included in the training tuition:



Training location:

960 Riverbend Road

Cusseta, GA 31805

Registration deadline 012/21/18.

What to bring:

  • All tactical gear worn during tactical operation on your facility or team

  • Eyes

  • Ears

  • Hydration devise

  • Shotgun

  • Less lethal launcher if air powered, bring air source (if you don't have air source, please advise so we can make accommodations).

  • Any other personal items that you agency or team normally uses during tactical operations.

If you should need anything like; shotgun or air powered delivery system, let us know. We have limited additional equipment that we can loan out for training. Anything else. please feel free to contact us. 

For Registration, contact us via the “contact us” page of register online using our “Sign up” page.