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Tactical Gas Mask Operations for Corrections

  • Perry, FL 32347 United States (map)

A chemical environment is mainly where the Corrections Tactical Operator (s) does his or her work in. This means being comfortable wearing a gas mask and being able to perform in it. Deploying less lethal munitions both hand held and by means of a launcher if you do not train using these tools while wearing a gas mask, you are setting your department for possible legal litigation and the team for failure. 

This is why we are brining this training to the Corrections Tactical Operations field. Being able to deal and work in any situation includes being able to deploy and effectively work under a chemical environment. 

Training Cost: $750.45

Covered by this cost:

  • Onsite lodging (all training in our training center includes onsite lodging, unless other white stated)

  • Less than lethal munitions

  • Training

Some of the topics covered:

  • Sizing and mask selection

  • Clearing under a stress

  • Dawning while exposed to chemical environment

  • Deploying chemical munitions both hand thrown & launched while wearing a mask

  • Shooting a handgun while wearing a gas mask (300 rds. 3 magazines) 

  • Shooting a shotgun while wearing a gas mask (400 rds. )

  • Shooting a rifle while wearing a gas mask (500 rds. )

Equipment need for this course: 

  • Bump or Ballistic Helmet

  • Eye protection

  • Ear protection

  • Gas mask and filter ( have a pouch to place the gas mask in)

  • Tactical uniform or clothes normally worn during normal operations

  • Gloves

  • Kit (tactical carrier with necessary pouches for training)

  • Sling for long weapons

This course will be held at our training center, in Perry, FL. Call or email us for additional information and address.