TOG-US Training Calendar

Our training calendar is filling up fast, take a look at all the different conceptual tactical solutions for your Corrections Tactical Team (CTO) that T.O.G.-U.S. can bring your C.T.O. team. Let us bring your correctional/detention team to the next level, creating an exceptional Corrections Tactical Operations (C.T.O.) team capable of dealing with any situation they are called upon to undertake.

Remember that a well trained team will bring down your department's uses of force, assist in preventing injuries to staff, civilian, and inmates alike. Not to mentions that by keeping your uses of force down it also keeps down any potential legal litigation issues associated with uses of force. 

Our Cadre is made up from a collective of seasoned and experienced Certified Corrections Officers who are more than proficient in Corrections Tactical Operations and all it's dynamics. Our cadre have years of experience in the corrections industry and military special operations. This brings a unique combination and of proven tactics to your corrections tactical team. 

Contact us for more details and training availability.


Corrections Tactical Operations (C.T.O.) training for the 21st century Corrections Officer...reducing liability for the department and keeping officers safe. New way of doing business.