Corrections Tactical Operations (CTO)Training Announcement:

TOG-US would like to announce a new addition to the training calendar; Corrections Tactical Operations (CTO), TBP-S3. This course includes the following disciplines: 

  • Integrated Cell Extractions
  • Large & Small Team Dynamics
  • Less Lethal Operations and Unconventional Applications

and for a limited time ONLY

  • Down Officer Rescue with the use of the Tactical Rescue Tether (TRT) - see our TAC-Up Store for more details on the Tactical Rescue Tether. TRT (TM), is a revolutionary tool reshaped and designed to assist officers with the rescue of down officers or subjects, enabling the operator to remain hands free.

In times where budget constrictions are a norm in any agency/office/department, getting the most for your buck is critical. T.O.G.-U.S. has heard you and we are here to help and assist in brining quality training to the guys who are putting it on the line for us.

Contact us for more details.