Active Shooter & Officer Down Rescue in a Correctional Setting.

There still time to sign up for this course. This course has been uniquely designed for the Corrections Tactical Operations Officer/Deputy. This tactical training for corrections is one that in now a days is one that is a must have for the new demands on the Corrections professional. 

February 22nd - 26th

Must register by February 18. 


Contact us for more information and registration. This course is being hosted at the AMTEC Less Lethal System's (ALS Less Lethal), Tactical Training Facility, which is now the new home for the advance tactical training for the Corrections Tactical Operator. Course price includes

  • Training

  • Training Rounds (with the exception of students need to bring with them their department approved side arm with 100 rounds and Shotgun with 50 rounds. If approved to use AR-15/16 M-4 style rifle, 100 rounds are needed as well).

  • Lodging for the week.



Contact us for more information:

Tel: (863) 603-8671


Thank you!