Best High Risk/Value/Profile Inmate Transport - Real World Training to a "T"

Chief Lopez & Staff,

"On behalf of the Laurens County SOG Team, we would like to thank you so much for the outstanding training this year to bring our team through you guys Tier 2 pipeline program. The training our team received from you was beyond our expectations. Everything we have learned we have taken back with us and have trained very hard. One of the most important weeks for us was high risk transports. This is something we do daily in corrections. I would like to share a story with you that could have easily have been a bad situation. 

We had a young inmate that was extremely high profile and high risk. He is a local guy that had a murder charge. He murdered a boy that went to the same high school as he did. The inmate's relatives and family are gang members here locally. We had him here in our detention center on lockdown for his security. He's been here for over a year. His court date was coming up soon. 

 When it was time to transport him to court we did exactly the way we were trained by you and your other instructors. Everyone knew his court date because it's been on the news and when he was going and what time so it made this a very risky transport. Trial went on for five days and we had to do these transports for all five days. We did this transport to a "T", exactly the way you taught us, took no shortcuts. If we have not been to that training with you, we would've just put the inmate in the back of a car and drove him there like we used to, with no preparation. It's a good thing we went through this training because we had planned all contingencies well and had back up to everything. We worked this transport just like we were back at training with you. For five risky days we got this inmate back and forth to court safely until he was sentenced to Prison where he will serve for the next 45 years. 

So, we wanted to take this time to say thank you very much for your high quality training that could have save lives. If there is any agency looking to be trained they need to look into TOG-US! The real life scenarios you put us through was absolutely outstanding and have paid off!"

Thank You,
Laurens County SOG, SC.