DP-12, TOG-US go to Shotgun

The DP-12 from Standard Manufacturing LLC also featured on the latest Tactical Solutions Magazine , it's the go-to shotgun for TOG-US and it's training operations. After hundreds of shots, both less lethal / lethal munitions and numerous of different operators from different departments who've used them on our trainings....it has come out the "other side of the tunnel" with its "head" held high.

It's a great feeling knowing that if having to deal with any issue within a facility, we can still have the upper hand. Having a shotgun that can give you the edge in a CQC (Close Quarters Combat) environment and deliver the tactical / firepower capabilities that it does...it's without comparison. Roughed, tough, well built, reliable, accurate, all things needed from any weapons platform in order to ensure the enduser, civilians and inmates all are safe at the end of any emergency situation.

This is why we use it, this is why we have it, why we endorse it!

Be safe, thank you!