TOG-US & IWI-US, proven rifle platform now in the hands of Corrections Tactical Operations

When it comes to CQC (Close Quarters Combat), Transport of High Risk/Value/Profile Inmates, having the capabilities to meet and exceed a potential threats capabilities could be the difference between going home the same way you reported into work or not.

This is why we use IWI US's Tavor X95 rifle. Still having a 16 1/2 barrel adjusted into their bullpup design, which gives you the feel of a 7" barrel rifle is great for the Corrections Tactical Operations field and operator. This means you can actually employ real world tactics during your transports and still maintain fire power superiority. This rifle platform has been the workhorse of Israeli military, police, Special Ops for years and now in the U.S. Market and being put together here in the U.S. is of great advantage to the  Corrections Operator everywhere.

Thank you, be safe and train hard!



TOG-US Cadre and Students use IWI-US's Tavors X95 rifle platform to conduct drills which will help them laters on during life like scenarios.