TOG-US at the Mock Prison Riots

Things here at the office are a bit “crazy” at the moment, we’re all trying to get ready for the 2019 Mock Prison Riots!! Last year was our first time out at Moundsville, West Virginia for the Mock Prison Riots and we had a blast!!!

This second time around we hope it will be even better. Look for our booth right next to Dave Bohl’s Dozer Tactical Inc. booth. Hope to see you all there!!

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OPEN Training: 

Tactical Riot Ops & Down Officer Rescue Course.  

New course, spots are filling up fast. Just posted it and 4 spots have been filled up already. Don’t miss out. Lodging on site is included and training munitions as well. Email us for registration. This courses is open to all Corrections Officers, CERT team memember and any other law enforcement officer who deals with Riots. See you there!!

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Email is for registration!!  

Email is for registration!!  

Training Announcement

Just wanted to post this here...this is an Instructors Course. This is NOT a manufactures course.

This is a course on how to tactically employ all major less lethal munitions and launcher systems in a corrections environment and under different critical situations.

Three days hosted by El Paso County Sheriff's Office - EPCSO, contact us for registration. 

This course is open to ALL Corrections  Officers in good standing with their department.

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Hope to see you all there!! 


TOG-US is now an official partner of Close Quarter Tactical (CQT). We are exited about this working Collaboration for many reasons. It will allow TOG-US to bring to the corrections field mote specialized tactical training venues and opportunities. There is no one course that we as a tactical training company can’t soon as the “Space Force” puts stockades in space...TOG-US will be there! Lol! 

This partneship along with all of our previous sponsors and partners gives us the unique capability to bring to any correctional jail, prison or institution the unique ability to provide training, equipment and any other basic or specialized solution to any of your issues or needs. We will be posting training availability at the Cusseta, GA facility by the end of this week with courses starting as soon as December 2018. Hope to see you all there!!!  

For more information contact us on our “Contact us” tab on this webpage.  



This is the Midwest Training Facility, located in Shelby Township, Michigan  

This is the Training Center located in Cusseta, Georgia. Cost includes onsite lodging for all of our training courses here.  

Correctional Training Pod.....will be up and operational soon...state of the art!  

Correctional Training Pod.....will be up and operational soon...state of the art!  

# TBT : Throwback Thursday- way back and a little of the present.

 #tbt putting a little bit of background history here on this throwback Thursday. All the way from right before high school to present day, martial arts has always been part of my life and a way to de-stress.

Two guys who have been with me on my martial arts road on and off Halim Rodriguez  and Chris Cantu and one main mentor, Edwin Rodriguez. What an interesting ride brothers!!

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TOG-US at the 2018 Mock Prison Riot

Time is almost here ladies and gents. We hope to see you all at the 2018 Mock Prison Riots. We’ll be making our rounds all week but we’llbe hanging at our friend’s booth...Dozer Tactical. Stop by their booth and say hi, we look forward in meeting everyone. Hope to see everyone there!! 


Looking forward in meeting everyone there!!  

TOG-US Goes to the Mock Prison Riots!!

We are exited to announce that the TOG-US staff will be at the 2018 Mock Prison Riots. We’ll be there along with our friends from Dozer Tactical. 

We are looking forward in seeing everyone there. Stop by our booth check us out and say hi!!  


We are looking forward to seeing everyone there. 

Working to bring professional training to the Corrections Tactical Operator and Corrections Tactical Operations

We here at TOG-US pride ourselves in having some of the best instructors in the field of Corrections Tactical Operations. Having the ability to bring the experiences of five field proven Operators and tactical leaders is an asset to every department that allow us to train their team elements. 

Over the years we've had the privilege of training and working alongside some great sheriff offices and team members. The fact that all departments keep coming to our courses is testimate to the quality of training TOG-US training cadre puts forth. 

When training in high liability issues such as an activation of your tactical emergency team is, having a well trained team and knowledged in the latest proven tactics is crucial to any department...this is something we all understand too well.  


Experience teams work on their fundamentals in clearing cells and pods under high risk situations. 


Basic and advanced skills are ironed out by ensuring basic tactical fundamentals are mastered. Corrections Tactical Operators here work on ensuring their fundamentals in both cell clearing and complete pod dominance are achieve. 

T.O.G.-U.S - Who We Are!

We would like to thank all those who have participated on our courses, follow us and bring us their support. For those who still wonder what we are about and what we bring to the corrections field?! Well here is our latest video showcasing some of our courses and Corrections Tactictical Operations students during training. Enjoy and thank you again! 



video is of actual Corrections Tactical Operators conducting training under the supervision of TOG-US Training Cadre. 

National Corrections Week

This week we pay respect to all those professionals who have chosen as profession to walk into a heavily secured environment with those whom society have dictated to have broken the laws.

Not only do they have to walk into such a place, but so so in a manner which exemplifies professionalism, dedication, fairness and humanity. Something not easily done. To all this Corrections Officers and their families, we say, thank you!


Be safe everyone!


Chief -


Thank you all!!  

Leading the way into the 21st Century for Corrections Tactical Operations

Operators received some of the best training provided to corrections tactical operations at the nations first corrections tactical operations training center.


Stop by our Facebook page and check out the videos and pictures of many Operators from different states and counties who have come to our training site or have had us over in order to expand their knowledge. As correctional tactical Operators you never stop learning!


Check  out like & share our page. We appreciate the support.




Training at ATL

Another day on the books...negotiating and clearing cells in a correctional environment is not your average CQC ( Close Quarter Combat) environment. A skill much needed of all Corrections Tactica Operations Teams. Tia is something that our training cadre is very well versed at!



Being able to manipulate and know your less lethal delivery platform is crussial, in this case, Standard Manufacturing's DP-12




Putting in the work!  

Completion of TOG-US Corrections Tactical Operations Tier-2 Operators Course

Today was by far one of the toughest and longest days for these guys. For some if marked one of the longest and toughest training they have received in their careers as Corrections Deputies and now Corrections Tactical Operators. Today marked the end of a nearly 7 month training pipe line. Extending from developing some basic instructors on several of our courses to earning their Operator wings.


Our hat is off to these guys and we look forward in seeing their careers blossom as professional corrections Tactical Operators. From cell extractions to In-Custody Tactical Hostage Rescue and the "Maria Mile". They conquered it all. Thank you and congratulations.